Translating Meaning Is More Than Just Verbs

Language is more than just words. People communicate through inflection, body language, tone, and facial expressions. Translators have the difficult job of translating words on a page.

They do not have the benefit of non-verbal cues. But how does a translator translate not only words, but meaning? And what are the benefits of translation? The biggest responsibility of a Spanish translation services provider is to convey not only information but also emotion. There are many words used to express emotion. Just as there are many emotions, finding the right words can be very difficult. Translation services try to provide the best they can, but is it enough? What tools does a translator need when looking at a piece of text? A good translator will read over the entire text first.

Then they will begin to see beyond the words and into the text's meaning. Spanish translators need to choose their words carefully. They will translate sentence by sentence while trying to stay as close to the emotional feeling as they can. This is very tedious work since there are words in Spanish that do not have an English equivalent and vice versa.

After a few drafts, they will find enough similarities in the two works and will hopefully convey the meaning of one text in another language. Today, translators are needed more than ever. They are needed to close cultural gaps that exist at the workplace, in the school system, and in their own neighborhoods.

English to Spanish translations and translators are used to speak to large groups of foreign workers who are desperately seeking employment in America. Translation services are busier than ever translating documents from different countries since many companies now conduct business internationally. When these companies hold company meetings and symposiums, translators are needed to help people get to their seminars, to restaurants, and to their hotels.

In some cases, meaning in language is being abandoned by the need for basic information. Translators are used to help others navigate through a new country. America today, for example, is torn between those who want to learn other languages and those who feel learning a new language is a form of surrender. They are afraid of being taken over by another country.

So instead of learning another language, America relies on translators in order to communicate, not understand. Understanding a culture consists of knowing the meanings behind words and phrases, which go far beyond communicating information. The benefits of quality translation are being ignored. This can cause unhappiness in the workplace, trouble in schools, and disruptions in neighborhoods because every person wants to be understood.

Translation services serve a huge purpose in a society that is linguistically changing at a very fast pace. Keeping up is getting more difficult as each year passes. In America especially, this has to change.

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