Fulfilling Core Needs in the Education Process

We could additionally draw on the Maslow hierarchy within the instructive organization. Bearing in mind that each learner is moving at his or her personal pace up Maslow's needs hierarchy, education can be rather a tough effort. A single classroom will almost certainly encompass scholars at each step of human needs (physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization) at the same moment. Students at the physiological stage usually prove to be the most challenging to instruct. Great care and concern has to be taken to pinpoint these scholars, because a learner lacking sufficient rest or food in all probability will not have the concentration or desire required to excel much within school. Educators are of the ultimate significance to keep these scholars focused.

In a few cases, such a learner can thoroughly enjoy tutoring or mentoring of some sort. Students are able to benefit most academically when they are able to enjoy a safe, secure home life. Students who face fearful situations outside the classroom, in their neighborhoods, or through abuse at home may find it difficult to focus on their academic goals. These students should be identified by educators whenever possible and earmarked for special help in overcoming the obstacles that an unstable life outside of school can create for a student in school.

A lack of safety can also inhibit their social requirements. Students with a poor or dangerous upbringing can lack the skills for necessary social interaction with other school age people. A child who transfers their fear of their father to others can have psychological scars which restrain their social growth beyond repair. Forcing students to work in groups can help them overcome their shyness or fear of intimacy with others. Sometimes the best way to achieve a goal is to be thrust upon it, willingly or not.

As far as education is concerned, the latter stages (esteem and self-actualization) don't matter quite as much. If a student puts enough effort and concentration onto their studies, they will be likely to succeed at the subject despite a lack of self-esteem or a feeling of not having achieved their full potential. However, students with a low sense of self-esteem can get bursts of energy and positive thinking from their areas of study, which may in turn increase their positive feelings about themselves and help them to fulfill another tier of Maslow's hierarchy. While many school age students will not reach the level of self-actualization, nurturing all of the students, as they make their way along the Maslow Hierarchy, can enable them to reach their own varying levels of success. Maslow indicated that each person has his or her own desires required to reach the next level, and it is up to the educator to find that in each of us.

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