The Power Of Honesty With Women

This is something that will either make you or break you with women. If you want to be that mature man in your life then honesty is the fastest way to get there. You must be honest with yourself first and know what it is that you want and the reasons you want it and then be honest with women. The goal is not to hurt a woman's feelings and why would you want to do this because it will in the end, cause more problems for you that NEVER had to be there in the first place.

I believe there are two types of honesty that you can convey. One is honesty seeking a reaction or approval from someone else and the other honesty is being honest with you and not seeking a reaction from anyone else and being GENUINE. When you are honest with women and do not expect a reaction you are being a man, you are not being a wuss and hoping that the woman is going to say what you want to hear. Women will respect you so much more if you are honest with them.

If you want to enjoy your single life and have fun then set your rules and boundaries at the start and let the woman know so that if she knows where she stands. By being honest to women it conveys all the right signals. It shows her that you know what you want, which most men don't know what it is they want, they go into a relationship for the wrong reasons. Many men are scared to tell the truth because they think it is wrong or it's going to scare the woman away. The more you lie to women the more problems you are causing in the relationship, it confuses me so much to why men lie to woman when it is going to result in causing more pain than pleasure. Just so you know as men we suck as lying, women are much better liars than us as men so don't even try unless you want to get caught out.

Men come up with reasons of I am going to lie to protect the woman from getting hurt but they are hurting the woman and themselves more than just being honest. It is such a simple concept, we have all been brought up to not lie and telling the truth is the best policy thus not many people listen. I know for myself being honest with women and not seeking a reaction out of them has conveyed me as being a male that "get's it.

" What happens if you lie? A problem occurs and it eats away at both people until it gets to a boiling point and someone says something but instead of saying something when they should have they explode because it has turned into a big monster. If you ask anyone, they would rather be told the truth then lied to, wouldn't you? So be honest as a man, say what it is you want to say, set your rules and boundaries up at the start. The last thing I want to say is use with your head before your emotions always otherwise they will get you into trouble. Copyright (c) 2007 Ignite.

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