Radio Flyer Classic Rocking Horse A Perennial Favourite

The Radio Flyer Classic Rocking Horse is a modern version of a childrens toy dating back to the early seventeenth century. Notable historic figures like Socrates and King Charles I were rumored to have played with some of the oldest known versions. During the 1800s, often referred to as the Victorian era, the traditional bow rocker horse was born. Wooden toy manufacturing was beginning to increase at this time as well. By the mid 1800s, the classic wooden horse was appearing in homes across the world. By the end of the nineteenth century, several American toy entrepreneurs were designing alternatives to the traditional bow rockers the classic toy was mounted on.

An Ohio inventor developed a safety stand that allowed the rocking horse to swing within the sturdy iron frame. Soon, the toy was available mounted on either the traditional bow rockers or the new swinging safety frame. Over time, wood manufacturing became less common as metals and plastics became the preferred materials. By the middle of the twentieth century, most toy makers had ceased the production of the classic toy and were instead marketing the plastic and steel horses we see today.

The Radio Flyer company, founded in 1917, expanded their line of rocking horses to include more modern styled toys as well. Today, Radio Flyer still offers a delightful selection of rocking horses including the classic wood version. The classic wood rocking horse is designed after the traditional bow rocker horses of the Victorian era. Radio Flyer uses all natural wood in the construction of the horse. It features a smooth, non-toxic finish that is safe for children and easy on their hands.

The bow style rockers were often preferred in older times because of their proven stability. The Radio Flyer classic wooden toy is mounted on a wide rocker base, reinforced with a sturdy cross piece, to ensure safety and to prevent the rocking horse from tipping over. All Radio Flyer toys are built well with a strong emphasis on comfort, safety, and fun.

The classic wood rocking horse has a soft molded saddle so little ones can ride in contentment. Sure grip handles are included as well for extra safety. The classic rocking horse is sturdily constructed to provide the durability expected of the Radio Flyer brand. Standing almost three feet high, the classic wood horse is one of Radio Flyers top choices for rocking horses suitable for toddlers. The classic rocking horse is recommended for children ages one to four years.

Radio Flyers attention to detail in the design of this horse is one of the things that make it so loveable to youngsters. The simple wooden horse includes painted features like the eyes, nose, and mouth, and even the hair in the horses mane. The classic rocking horse is also bridled and ready to ride with an attached realistic rein. Today, many toy manufacturers have completely ceased the production of the rocking horse. The use of bow rockers has been almost eliminated by the modern spring mounted frames. Radio Flyer keeps toy traditions alive with their classic wood rocking horse.

Gary Clay is an authority on Radio Flyer and owner of MonkeyShine an approved UK Radio Flyer Stockist

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