Bachelor Party Ideas

You might think the 'Bachelor party' is a recent phenomenon but you couldn't be further from the truth. Even the ol' Romans had their classical equivalent of the same event (!) So keeping with ancient traditions and to celebrate the soon-to-be-married man's last hope at stepping into territories strictly confined to singles the Bachelor party is an absolute must before every wedding. Traditionally, the groom's friends plan a special party for the guy who is soon to be sacrificed at the altar. The party is strictly a male thing and generously sprinkled with every male delight (namely women, booze, stripers etc.

). If you are planning such a party for one of your friends you will no doubt need some extra help in chalking out the details. Even if you forget to go through our list of bachelor party idies which follows, who knows you might hit upon a new idea. Read on, Tip 1: While planning a bachelor party idea do remember that the party is for you friend and not for you! So even if you want about a dozen strippers dancing on the bar your friend might not necessarily feel the same way. So, keep him in mind while planning what exactly the party is going to consist of.

Tip 2: If Tip 1 seems to worsen your problems then simplify. Consider, is your friend more likely to appreciate a close dinner, chat and a card game with the boys or is he more likely to welcome a wild night out? Also take into consideration his current frame of mind. Wedding planing often trouble men. Is he under pressure? Does he need to just talk? Or is he more inclined to escape the tension and party hard? do your plans just once you know what he needs. Tip 3: DO NOT schedule the bachelor party to take place the night before the wedding because it is recipe for disaster.

Hundreds of weddings never hapen every year simply becouse the groom's do not show up for their own weddings thanks to the amount of liker they gulped down at their bachelor's party, the night before. Let the party be well ahead of the do day so that even if there are any 'accidents' it can be taken care of. Tip 4: Make sure that you can stay on at the location of the party after the party itself is over.

This will keep all from trying to drive back home drunk. So be it your friends place or a hotel, wherever it is that you are partying do make prior arrangements for rooms etc. Also, keeping food handy is a wise idea. Most people get horribly drunk at bachelor parties; the food ought to keep them from getting sick all over the place. Tip 5: If you think your friend can handle it then do get a few strippers and exotic dancers to pump up the excitement.

Although the others will not mind any attention the groom, you must make sure, should be the focus for the night. Tip 6: If you are planning to party out at night arrange for a limousine with a hired driver. Stack the transportation with wine and beer and make shure the sound is loud. Happy partying! Copyright (c) 2007 Yehiel Carter.

'About the author' Yehiel Carter is an expert on anything related to planning your wedding, . He can help you with wedding planning and etiquette. for more info and a free guide go to: http://www.bestweddinginstructor.com/bestweddingever

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